Schedule a consultation with your Chattanooga oral surgeon

If you find yourself needing an oral surgery or procedure performed by a Chattanooga oral surgeon, you’ll likely have a slew of questions floating around your mind…. some of which you may forget once you’re in front of the doctor. At Ocoee Oral Surgery, we seek to make the process a stress-free one for each patient, and one way we do that is providing information. The more you know and understand about your surgery, the less worry you’ll have to feel surrounding the unknowns.

Below are 20 questions to ask your Chattanooga oral surgeon, and we hope they serve as a jumping off point for you as you research and plan for your procedure.

  1. Do I need a referral from a dentist?
  2. Will I need x-rays before my oral surgery?
  3. Will I have a pre-surgery consultation?
  4. What are my options for anesthesia?
  5. What will I need to do to prepare for my oral surgery?
  6. How long will the surgery take?
  7. Will I be able to drive after my surgery?
  8. Are there any risks of complications?
  9. Is there any risk of infection? How can this be mitigated?
  10. What will the recovery process look like?
  11. What foods can I eat after my surgery?
  12. What foods should I avoid?
  13. What types of insurance does Ocoee Oral take?
  14. How long will I need to rest after the surgery?
  15. Should I take time off work/school?
  16. Can I listen to music on headphones during the procedure?
  17. How painful will the procedure and recovery be?
  18. What payment will be due at the time of surgery?
  19. Do you have payment plan options?
  20. How far in advance do I need to schedule my surgery?

If you’re ready to schedule your consultation or oral surgery, we hope you’ll contact our capable staff. We would love to help you navigate the process from scheduling to recovery.