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What are implant retained partial dentures?

Dentures are natural-looking restorations temporarily attached to the natural teeth remaining in your mouth. Implant retained partial dentures take advantage of a small number of dental implants, allowing your partial denture to ‘lock’ in place without needing sticky adhesives. The implants help the partial denture be stable in function yet still easily removable for cleaning.

These implant retained partial dentures don’t just allow you to chew but are also comfortable to wear. They support your bone structure, are a cost-effective option, and look like natural teeth. Implant retained dentures are designed to avoid interruptions when talking, chewing, or biting. They are versatile and designed to suit your mouth specifically.

Who is Suitable for Implant Retained Partial Dentures?

Most adults in good health are suitable for implant retained partial dentures. Do you worry that your dentures will fall out? Are you having trouble eating your favorite foods? Does having a loose denture make you feel self-conscious? If so, an implant retained partial denture can help.

Implant retained partial dentures can give you the confidence to speak, chew and laugh without having to worry about your denture letting you down. Traditional dentures may be loose and ill-fitting. Sometimes, even with denture adhesive, the results are poor.

WImplant Retained Partial Dentureshat’s the difference between dentures and bridges?

The main difference between these two types of restorative dentistry is that dentures are removable, whereas bridges are not. A bridge is fitted to your mouth permanently, but dentures are usually removed every night and used again the next day.

Another difference between these two options is that a bridge may require some extraction work to prepare the mouth before it is fitted, whereas this is not usually the case with dentures. If you are interested in a bridge, you will need to contact your general dentist.

Ocoee Oral can help you with your implant retained partial dentures.

Partial dentures supported by implants can assist when many teeth are missing. The implants eliminate the need for metal clasps associated with some dentures. Not only that, but many teeth can be replaced with a minimum number of implants. The implants also prevent the partial denture from moving around or coming loose. The other teeth in the mouth are protected because the partial denture does not clasp on them with wires, thanks to the implants we can provide.

We at Ocoee Oral recommend implant retained partial dentures for all these reasons and more.