An apicoectomy is a minor surgical procedure in which the very tip of the tooth’s root is removed and sealed. If an apicoectomy is needed, that means that Ocoee Oral Surgery cannot treat the issue with the conventional root canal treatment.

Root Amputation

Root amputation is a specialized dental procedure offered by Ocoee Oral Surgery, whereby one root is removed from a multi-root tooth. The tooth is then stabilized, and rendered fully functional with a crown or filling. The multi-root teeth best suited to the root amputation procedure are the molars at the back of the mouth. These large flat teeth have either two or three roots depending on whether they are situated on the upper or lower jaw.

There are several problems that may lead to root amputation including:

  • Embedded bacteria within the structure of the root
  • Tooth decay in a concentrated area of the tooth
  • Broken, fractured, or injured teeth and roots
  • Severe bone loss in a concentrated area due to periodontitis