Treatment for Facial Trauma in Cleveland TN

Did you know Ocoee Oral Surgery offers treatment for Facial Trauma in Cleveland, TN? The term facial trauma can refer to several different issues that require treatment from an oral surgeon. It can include:

  • Facial and lip lacerations
  • Avulsed teeth, or teeth that have been knocked out
  • Fractured facial bones including those in the forehead, eye sockets, nose, and cheekbones
  • Fractured upper and lower jaw bones
  • And more

There are a number of possible causes of facial trauma such as sports injuries, accidental falls, motor vehicle accidents, work-related injuries, and interpersonal fighting; however, they all often require treatment to promote proper healing and recovery. Types of facial injuries can range from injuries of the teeth to extremely severe injuries of the skin and bones in the face. Facial injuries are classified into different categories including soft tissue injuries (gums and skin), bone injuries (fractures), and injuries to special regions such as the facial nerves, eyes, or the salivary glands. Regardless of what type of facial trauma you or your loved one has experienced, our expert team at Ocoee Oral Surgery can help.

Mouth, Jaw, and Facial Injury

Facial injuries often require the assistance of professionals who are experienced with emergency care and acute treatment, as well as long-term reconstruction and rehabilitation. Our oral surgery team at Ocoee is well versed in both the physical and emotional aspects of facial trauma and the highly specialized treatment thereof. These circumstances are by definition traumatic, and our staff works diligently to minimize the discomfort and stress that can accompany experiences like these.

Soft Tissue Facial Injury

Soft tissue facial injuries include lacerations to the face as well as intra oral lacerations. These wounds are generally treated with sutures or stitches, and because of their placement, they require a great deal of care and expertise to ensure the best possible cosmetic results. Our oral surgeons also bear in mind the placement of facial nerves and salivary glands and ducts for treatment that addresses both the soft tissue of the face and the underlying tissue as well.

Dental Injury

Some accidents result in broken teeth or other dental injuries that require the special care of an oral surgeon. Every situation is different, and each patient requires a custom approach when it comes to broken or displaced teeth that need to be replanted or replaced. Your oral surgeon may work with your regular dentist or an endodontist to ensure you get the restorative treatment your circumstances call for.

Regardless of the nature of your facial trauma, our team can help ensure you receive the best possible care in an environment that is both compassionate and professional.