Oral Surgery offers remedies for patients with jaw-related problems. This correction of jaw deformities, called “Orthognathic Surgery”, fixes dental and skeletal irregularities with the goals of enhancing one’s appearance and also improving basic functions like chewing, breathing properly, and speaking more clearly.

Such procedures can greatly improve quality of life for someone who experiences difficulty biting and chewing food or swallowing it. Corrective jaw surgery may also address chronic dry mouth and excessive wear on teeth.

Chattanooga corrective jaw surgerySometimes the functional problems from misaligned jaws and teeth are the result of birth defects. Other times, an injury like an accidental fall, motor vehicle accident, sports-related trauma, or an injury at work is the source of a fractured jaw or facial bones requiring surgical remedy to correct.

Facial infections that manifest as pain and swelling in the face, neck or jaws need prompt treatment. Oral surgeons may diagnose and treat these cases, possibly by cutting into and draining infected areas. Extracting any involved teeth may be necessary.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons can perform lesion removal and biopsy, sending abnormal growth or tissue to a lab for identification. Cases of cleft lip and cleft palate repair also benefit from involving oral surgeons as part of a team of healthcare specialists as treatments and procedures are planned and performed over several years.

Some oral surgeons also perform procedures to treat extreme cases of sleep apnea by removing soft tissues from the back of the mouth or lower jaw. This is only done when conservative methods of treatment are necessary to alleviate the problem.

Whatever the case, a person need not spend the rest of his or her life suffering in pain and coping to manage the situation.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery to Improve Lives

Our Cleveland TN oral surgeons, Dr.’s Hunter and Paul McCord, find great satisfaction in helping patients resolve these and other issues.

Corrective surgery can also fix an unbalanced facial appearance, a receding chin, protruding jaw, and make it easier for lips to touch without straining.

Orthognathic Surgery is a solution for chronic jaw joint pain and headaches, also referred to as a treatment for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. In the most severe cases, arthroscopy and open joint repair restructuring may be needed to address chronic pain, failure of appliance treatment attempts, dislocated jaw, or extreme degeneration of the jaw.

What to Expect from Orthognathic Surgery

Such procedures will only be done after our Oral Surgeons meet with a patient to discuss options and what to expect.

During the consultation, we thoroughly review the situation and available options for correction.

While surgery understandably provokes concern about pain management, Ocoee Oral Surgery provides a full range of anesthesia services for our patients, along with the necessary training and equipment to safely use these options during surgical procedures.

After the completion of an orthognathic surgical procedure, we follow up with post-op instructions to make sure there are no complications for a smooth recovery.

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