Maybe you’ve had them and maybe you haven’t, but they’re about as popular as Regina George. We’re talking about tooth dreams. Missing teeth, breaking teeth, crumbling and rotting out teeth, or even just your teeth falling out – these are some of the most common stress dreams in the book. These dreams about teeth can be extremely unsettling, and horrifyingly vivid, but no matter how you dice it, they pretty much always stem from worry and stress in your life.

Dreams about breaking and falling out teeth signal excessive stress, so let your Cleveland oral surgery center help.

Our dreams can really tell tale about our most subconscious desires, fears, and innermost feelings. Especially when your dreams are recurring, your brain may be struggling to tell you something. Just consult Sigmund Freud, the evidence suggests recurrent dreams are a glaring sign of anxiety, and oftentimes, when the root of said stress is alleviated, the dreams will subside as well.

Many different things have been said to bring on these teeth-centric mini nightmares. At times, they stem from some type of inferiority complex, or not feeling great about one’s physical appearance, the fear of getting older, or a big decision weighing on the mind. Sometimes the causes can be far more literal, like you need to maintain a healthier diet, and your brain is trying to make you aware of deficiencies. And perhaps the MOST literal reason for a tooth-related dream was a good, healthy shaming from your dentist about how you need to do a better job with brushing or flossing your teeth more. That shame might show up in your dreams in the most obvious way. Some psychologists even believe these dreams arise from actual tooth distress such as grinding your teeth while you sleep.

The common theme here is indisputably stress and anxiety, and we all know the havoc these feelings can wreak on one’s life and overall wellbeing. Maybe you have anxiety surrounding trips to the dentist, or needing dental work. This is incredibly common. Dental procedures like surgical tooth removal, wisdom tooth extraction, dental implants, and bone grafting surgeries can seem pretty scary! Our staff at Ocoee Oral Surgery in Cleveland, TN wants to do everything possible to eliminate or at least minimize the stress and anxiety that can accompany dental procedures.

Cleveland Oral Surgeons address stress dreams and eliminate stress associated with oral surgery.

Our oral surgeons are always here to answer any questions patients may have about their dental procedures, and we offer IV anesthesia for oral and maxillofacial surgery. Both of our doctors provide a full range of anesthesia services, with safety and patient comfort being the primary aim. They are licensed to provide local anesthesia, nitrous oxide (more widely known as laughing gas), conscious sedation, and general anesthesia. Discussing these options during the initial evaluation process can really help patients manage the possible stress that comes with planning for these procedures.

If you’re having stress dreams in which you lament the loss of your crumbling pearly whites, we certainly hope it’s not because of dental attention you need. And if so, we’re absolutely here to help you through it. If you need an oral surgery, get in touch with our amazing staff today!