How to Choose the Right Chattanooga Oral Surgeon

If you find yourself in need of an oral surgery, you may wonder how best to proceed finding the right Chattanooga oral surgeon for you. There are many to choose from, and when it comes to oral surgery procedures, you want to know you’re in great hands. So here are some tips on how to choose the right Chattanooga oral surgeon for you.

1– Get a Referral

Talk to your regular dentist about a recommendation, particularly if your dentist is someone you trust. Your dentist will be a great resource for finding the right Chattanooga oral surgeon for you, and for your specific need.

2– Seek Out Testimonials

Odds are, you’ve got family and friends in the area who have had previous oral surgery experiences. Why not take the time to ask them about who they used and how things went? This is also a great way to find a little peace of mind before your surgery date arrives. Alternatively, online reviews can be a great way to crowdsource the opinion or experience of previous patients.

3– Experience

Of course, you’ll want to find an oral surgeon who has years and years of demonstrated experience and success with many patients. You may even want to seek out someone who specializes in the specific surgery type you need so you can feel even more confident that you’ll have great results.

How to Choose the Right Chattanooga Oral Surgeon

4– Practice Information

Take time to look into the oral surgery practice you choose as a whole. Read reviews, and figure out if the team is one you’d like to work with. You’ll be dealing with a receptionist, oral surgery techs, and maybe other office staff too, in addition to the oral surgeon. You’ll want to make sure the entire team is doing a great job to support patients however they can to help ensure a smooth experience for you.

5– Insurance/Payment Plans

You’ll also want to look into the nature of the oral surgery you need as it relates to your personal insurance coverage. As you settle on a Chattanooga oral surgeon and practice, make sure they accept your insurance, and work with staff members to figure out what payments you’ll be expected to make and when. Sorting this out prior to your surgery date will also give you some peace of mind.

If you’re currently looking for a Chattanooga oral surgeon, consider our team at Ocoee Oral Surgery. Our two oral surgeons, Paul and Hunter McCord, are both seasoned doctors with vast experience and a capable support staff backing them as they care for patients. Contact us today to set up a consultation to discuss your oral surgery needs.