Is your scheduled oral surgery appointment rapidly approaching? If this is your first oral surgery procedure and you’re feeling a bit apprehensive, get surgery-ready with these top five must-dos on how to prepare for oral surgery.


  1. Do familiarize yourself with the surgeon and staff before surgery day. Once you have researched testimonials, reviewing patient information, don’t be afraid to ask additional questions. A thorough consultation with your surgeon can reassure any lingering concerns or doubts, before and after surgery.
  2. Do remember to breathe. If you are experiencing periods of anxiety or panic, do let your surgical staff know before undergoing surgery. Blood pressure levels are important to monitor during surgical procedures, even in oral procedures. Patients experiencing hypertension will need additional monitoring, as this could have an adverse effect from anesthesia and sedatives. Tips to lower blood pressure before surgery: play calming music the day of and right before arriving, meditate in the days leading up to the big day, and maintain a positive outlook.
  3. Do arrange for transportation and care. In most surgical procedures, an anesthesia or sedative is administered. This typically requires the care of an escort to and from your appointment. Not only will you appreciate their company, if you are experiencing high levels of anxiety, it is possible they can help to minimize nerves.
  4. Do refrain from eating and drinking 6 hours before surgery, smoking 12 hours prior, and consuming alcohol 24 hours prior. For the best surgical outcome, it’s critical that your body is refreshed and also, not sick before surgery. If you are experiencing symptoms resembling the flu, congestion, a cough or cold, or any illness contact your oral surgeon as soon as possible to reschedule the appointment.
  5. Do remind yourself confidently, you can do this!


If you have any additional questions regarding how to prepare for oral surgery, contact Ocoee Oral Surgery of Cleveland, TN today.