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Why Are They Called “Wisdom” Teeth?

A tooth holding a degree and wearing a graduation cap.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why are they called wisdom teeth?” Are you or a child experiencing wisdom tooth pain? This is the result of your final four molars trying to squeeze into a tight space already occupied by neighboring teeth. Ocoee Oral Surgery offers Wisdom Teeth Removal in Cleveland TN to alleviate that discomfort with the help of highly-rated and experienced oral surgeons. But if these teeth are notorious for the pain they cause, and their necessary removal, then why are they called “wisdom” teeth?

A tooth holding a degree and wearing a graduation cap. Why are they called wisdom teeth?Wisdom Hurts

There is no association between the teeth themselves and wisdom, of course. If there was, we would be more hesitant to remove them! No, the molars located the farthest back in the jaw are known in dentistry as third molars, but the public tends to refer to them by their nickname instead. 

The name comes from the age when wisdom teeth tend to emerge. These are the last teeth to come in. While the rest of the teeth come in during childhood, wisdom teeth tend to break the surface anywhere from age 14 to 25. Since a person is older and presumably wiser when these teeth try to grow in, they were associated with wisdom gained from age.

Teeth Have History

Our jawbones have reduced in size since the time when wisdom teeth were functional for our ancestors. In modern times, we no longer have a need for wisdom teeth and they tend to be impacted. Because of the uncomfortable symptoms associated with their growth, they are removed.

Aristotle wrote about these teeth as early as fourth century BC in his History of Animals. There he states, “The last teeth to come in man are molars called ‘wisdom-teeth,’ which come at the age of twenty years, in the case of both sexes.”

Outstaying Their Welcome

So, why are they called wisdom teeth? Wisdom teeth don’t relate to wisdom, apart from people being wiser when these teeth grow in than when the growth of childhood counterparts takes place. Nonetheless, the name of these back molars seems to have lasted longer than the necessity of “wisdom” teeth themselves.

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Is Wisdom Teeth Removal a Must?

Wisdom teeth is common for many teens and young adults. While it is a common procedure, is it always necessary? Each person and case is unique and should be reviewed on an individual basis. Here are a few reasons removing wisdom teeth may be beneficial to your dental health.

We recommend removing wisdom teeth when they begin to cause gum problems. Impacted wisdom teeth can result in pain and swelling. If wisdom teeth have only partially broken through the jaw and tissues they are especially vulnerable to infections and cysts within the jaw bone and gum tissue.

In addition to crowding other teeth, the pockets they create can fill with bacteria and food causing damage to surrounding teeth. This can cause cavities within the root system and tooth extraction will likely be required.

Wisdom tooth removal may also be recommended if their position hinders chewing or jaw function. In some cases they can cause pain and damage to the soft tissues inside the mouth or cause discomfort while chewing.

Tooth alignment can also be affected as wisdom teeth come in. They can press against other teeth and consequently undo the work of braces, bridges, crowns, partial dentures and other types of dental work.

While there are a variety of reasons wisdom tooth removal may be beneficial, they may not have to be extracted if they are healthy, have fully broken through, are functioning properly and are not crowding other teeth.

If you are experiencing pain and discomfort from wisdom teeth, call our Cleveland oral surgeon to schedule an appointment.

Dental Implants for Tooth Loss

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Decay, trauma and disease can all be factors in tooth loss. Missing teeth effects people of all ages and impacts eating, speaking and other components of daily life. In some cases, tooth loss isn’t preventable, but regular dental care can ensure the health and durability of your teeth.

There are several common reasons for tooth loss.

Poor Oral Hygiene
Poor oral hygiene is one leading causes of tooth loss. When you neglect caring for your teeth and gums you increase your risk for tooth decay and gum disease. Both of these conditions can lead to tooth loss. Proper flossing and brushing can help to keep your smile strong, healthy and intact.

Unhealthy Diet
Sugary and acidic foods are especially harmful to your teeth and gums. A balanced diet that is rich in nutrients can strengthen the bones surrounding your teeth and prevent against tooth loss. Not only is a healthy diet important for your oral health, but it is an essential component in your overall health.

Physical Trauma
Contact sports and physical trauma are another leading cause in tooth loss. Mouth guards and other protective equipment can help ensure the health of your team.

Smoking leads to a host of problems and tooth loss. Not only does it weaken and infect the gums, tissues and bones, but it is the leading cause of oral diseases and cancers.

Limited Preventative Care
Regular visits to your dentist can detect problems in their early stages and help to create a strong and healthy teeth and gums.

If tooth loss is impacting your quality of life, our Cleveland oral surgeons can help. From bridges and dentures to dental implants, we have the solution to fit you lifestyle. Call oral surgeon office today at 423.479.8544 to schedule an appointment.

Aging and Dental Implants

18735801_lAging affects all aspects of physical health, including your teeth and gums. As you age, the probability of losing your natural teeth increases. Many seniors rely on partial or full dentures to maintain their daily activities. Managing the shifts in your teeth and their arrangement can help ensure a healthy smile for years to come.

Receding gum lines are a common problem impacting seniors. The gum line recedes slowly over time, similar to the hairline. For women, fluctuations in hormone levels are to blame. Puberty, pregnancy and menopause can all impact the structure of your teeth. While the changes are gradual, they can impact your oral health over time. Therefore, it is important to continue visiting your dentist to monitor any changes.

Periodontal infections and bacterial infections can also result in changes to your gum line. Both of these infections can decrease gum tissue and weaken the supporting bone. However, periodontal disease can be treated with the proper care and procedures.

There are also several other causes of gum disease. Gum disease and recession are genetic and passed down through families. It can also be caused by overly aggressive brushing. Gentle brushing twice a day can help to remove plaque and preserve the integrity of your gums. Crooked or misaligned teeth can also leave you vulnerable to gum disease. Excess force on the gum and bones as well as damage from brushing and flossing can be other factors in gum recession.

Tobacco use causes a decline in your overall oral health and contributes to a host of issues. Using smoked or chewed tobacco dries the saliva that balances pH levels, introduces harmful bacteria, stains your teeth, contributes to gum recession and increases your risk of oral cancers.

While there is no way to completely prevent the gum recession that comes with aging, eliminating the contributing factors can help to preserve your gums and keep them healthy. When you are facing gum recession and natural tooth loss, the trained professionals at Ocoee Oral Surgery can provide dental implants to restore your smile to its former glory and lessen the impact on daily activities, such as eating and talking. Dental implants preserve your natural teeth while preventing shifting and further gum loss.

If you feel that dental implants are the correct choice for you, please contact the team at Ocoee Oral Surgery.