Ho Ho Hold on– Are you taking great care of your teeth this Christmas?

Promote dental health this Christmas with gifts and stocking stuffers like electric toothbrushes. Your friends at Ocoee Oral Surgery in Cleveland TN want to help with ideas that parallel with preventative care.

This holiday season, give the gift of a healthy mouth to your children and loved ones. Here at Ocoee Oral, we are huge advocates for oral hygiene (I mean, of course we are), and we want to share some ideas about how you can incorporate items that help promote dental health into your gift giving this year! Check out some of our suggestions below for ideal small Christmas presents or stocking stuffers with a purpose.

Electric Toothbrush

Help your kids or family members revive a zeal for brushing with a fun, new electric toothbrush. Not only are these tools super effective helpers in your twice-daily plaque attack, but also, they’re fun! You can even find some with characters and designs that will appeal to your youngsters.

Dental Floss

Cheap, effective, and super important— dental floss is a great item to toss into a stocking! Counteract all the candy in that holiday sock with some dental health items that promote strong and beautiful teeth. Flossing is your friend! And it only takes a few seconds to work it into your routine.

Mouth Guard

Maybe you have a teeth grinder in your life? Well if so, consider a night guard as a stocking stuffer. You can really inflict a lot of long-term damage onto your teeth while you sleep, if you clench and grind. Try a simple, inexpensive boil and bite mouth guard, which can sometimes work wonders.

Toothbrush Timer

If you have little ones, you’ve probably had to say, “that wasn’t long enough!” after they brush their teeth for 0.5 seconds and try to call it a day. Kids are sometimes not keen on brushing in the first place, let alone for the recommended 2 minutes. Make it like a fun game with a cool timer! Just add it to the stocking stuffer list.

Ocoee Oral Surgery in Cleveland TN says stay on top of dental health with fun and festive gifts and stocking stuffers to promote a healthy mouth.

Tongue Scraper

Take oral hygiene to the next level with a tongue scraper! Brush and floss, use mouthwash— sure, but give a tongue scraper alongside a new toothbrush in that stocking for even fresher breath. The human tongue can play host to a slew of bacteria that can cause bad breath and oral health problems. Avoid that with a nicely brushed and scraped tongue.

No matter what the holiday season looks like for you and yours, your friends at Cleveland TN Ocoee Oral Surgery hope it’s a lovely time with friends and family. We hope you find opportunities to improve your own approach to dental care, and that maybe you stuff a stocking or two with some items that promote overall dental health.