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Scared of the Dentist? Consider Sedation Dentistry in Chattanooga TN

If you're super stressed about dental visits, sedation dentistry in Chattanooga TN could be the solution.

Do you have anxiety associated with going to the dentist? Maybe you’ve had a bad experience or for whatever reason, you deal with intense stress about dental visits that prompts you to delay, avoid, or just skip them altogether. Well, avoiding necessary dental procedures or even just regular preventative care can lead to even worse dental issues. If left untreated, many dental problems only end up requiring more invasive care to remedy. So what’s the solution? Sedation dentistry and IV anesthesia offer solutions in certain situations for patients with severe anxiety surrounding dental work.

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Cleveland, TN Oral Surgery Center Explores Stress Dreams

Dreams about breaking and falling out teeth signal excessive stress, so let your Cleveland oral surgery center help.

Maybe you’ve had them and maybe you haven’t, but they’re about as popular as Regina George. We’re talking about tooth dreams. Missing teeth, breaking teeth, crumbling and rotting out teeth, or even just your teeth falling out – these are some of the most common stress dreams in the book. These dreams about teeth can […]

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Sedation Dentistry Chattanooga TN: Is IV Sedation the Right Choice for Your Anxiety-Free Dental Procedure?

sedation dentistry chattanooga tn

Sedation Dentistry Chattanooga TN: IV Sedation vs General Anesthesia Avoiding the dentist due to anxiety can lead to serious problems if the teeth and gums go neglected. Even those who visit a dentist for regular cleanings may suffer dread at the prospect of undergoing dental procedures. Today, Sedation Dentistry Chattanooga TN offers a solution to […]

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