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Why Are They Called “Wisdom” Teeth?

A tooth holding a degree and wearing a graduation cap.

Ocoee Oral Surgery offers Wisdom Teeth Removal in Cleveland TN to alleviate that discomfort with the help of highly-rated and experienced oral surgeons. But if these teeth are notorious for the pain they cause, and their necessary removal, then why are they called “wisdom” teeth?

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Extracting Teeth – Bad Teeth Out, Summer Smiles In

The temperatures are finally staying warm here in Cleveland! At Ocoee Oral Surgery we want you looking and feeling your best when you’re out having fun in the sun. Sometimes getting a tooth pulled is the only option available to maintain the mouth’s overall health. If you are feeling any of the following pain points, […]

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Chattanooga Tooth Extraction FAQ

Chattanooga Tooth Extraction consultation

Even though our teeth are strong and intended to last a lifetime, there are factors that can make tooth loss necessary. Some reasons that can result in necessary tooth extraction are an overcrowded mouth, an infection, or severe gum disease. If you do find yourself looking for help with a Chattanooga tooth extraction, our team […]

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Wisdom Teeth Removal– Schedule Surgery During Winter Break

Scheduling wisdom teeth removals and other oral surgeries during the winter break from school allows kids to recoup before heading back to class.

With the holiday season approaching, school-aged kids have just a few things on their minds: sleeping in, tons of holiday gifts from essentially every obscure relative passing through town, and– you guessed it– a super long break from school. Though the last thing they’ll want to do is have oral surgery for Christmas, it really […]

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Wisdom Teeth Coming In?

Even if you have impacted wisdom teeth, wisdom teeth extraction is something you should talk with your dentist about.

Things You Never Knew about Wisdom Teeth Maybe your wisdom teeth are coming in, or maybe you’ve already been through the process of wisdom tooth extraction– but either way, there are probably some interesting facts about wisdom teeth you never knew! We’ll explore a few of the most entertaining, for kicks. 1) Number of Wisdom […]

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